Free Art

I’ve been re-reading John Berger recently. Back at art school in the 80s, his anarcho-syndicalist position on the purpose of art seemed to fit happily with both my youthful naivety and with an age that still, in Scotland at least, retained the shreds of a solid egalitarian tradition. Now I’m reading what he wrote about the commodification of art back then and thinking “how far we have come”. And not necessarily in a good way. In conversation, if I confess to being an artist at all, often the first question is “how much do you make?”

I’ve been making digital images over the last few months and I was at a loss what to do with them. So here’s an experiment. The art on this page is free to download. You don’t need to sign up to anything at all, and you can do what you like with the images (subject to the terms of copyleft – see below). The files are PDF vector files so you can print them at any size: print an A2 version on art paper and frame it; print a poster and pin it to your student dorm wall; or use it for custom wallpaper if you like. The only limit is your imagination. Send me a photo of the result!

You can also adapt them. Use parts in other artwork of your own. Change the colours. Collaborate. If you do, again, send me an image of the result. That would be cool.

So run to hills, gatekeepers, we’re doing it different here. How will this all work out? I haven’t a clue. Let’s find out together.


This is not clip art. Copyleft allows me to distribute these works free for you to use or modify, with the important stipulation that if you re-distribute your own versions you must do so with the same rights down the line. Essentially, if I find you making money in any way from these, I will hunt you down and put Lego in your slippers. If you use this art to promote or otherwise make money for your business, that is stealing and I will sue you. Think of it a bit like street drugs. If you’re caught in possession of enough for your own use: okay. If you’re caught profiting from them: handcuffs, fines, prison. Downloading the files means you have agreed to these conditions. More about copyleft on Wikipedia.

Finally, the art

I will put up one every month or so. Check back here every so often for new stuff. Of course you can sign up for emails or follow me on Instagram to hear about new art, but you don’t have to. Look! There are the links right there! Click the thumbnails! Be free!

Gully 1
Gully 1 – PDF 26kb
dry shadows thumb
Dry Shadows PDF 27kb
Church in Gigondas
Church in Gigondas PDF 16kb