SOLAS: Solitude & Light

SOLAS: Solitude & Light. Open Studio 05.12.2021

It’s been an odd couple of years and I hope you weathered them ok. For me, gallery work dried up pretty quickly in the first weeks of the pandemic, but thankfully this gave me time to concentrate on some projects that I’d had on the back burner. The first of these to come to fruition is SOLAS: Solitude & Light. A collection of paintings and prints that hope to offer some relief from the anxiety of lockdowns, exposure sites and case numbers.

You can read the catalogue on Issuu. As well as photos of all the work in the collection, you’ll find all the details of where and when. If Issuu doesn’t work for you, and you have the patience and bandwidth to download a large file, you can download the catalogue in PDF format here.

The Open Studio was on Sunday the 5th December 2021. It was a grand day out.