Tipperary Track

Last week I was surprised and delighted to find one of my paintings sitting in the basement store of the Art Gallery of Ballarat. Acquired by the gallery through a benefactor’s donation it now awaits “accessioning”, that arcane process of numbering and cataloging that museums do in order to keep track of our history and … More Tipperary Track

Japanese Garden

It was a damp and overcast late winter day when I sketched this azalea in the Japanese Garden in St. Mawgan in Cornwall. Its flowers held a promise of spring that was a long time coming that year. The painting was made safely back in the warmth of the studio.

After the Fire

After the Fire ¬†2006 ¬†acrylic on linen 82 x 102 cm One of the first paintings I made when I moved to Australia. Bushfires had recently swept through the Brisbane Ranges west of Melbourne and the roads had only just re-opened when I went out there. The silence was the first thing that struck me. … More After the Fire