Tipperary Track

Last week I was surprised and delighted to find one of my paintings sitting in the basement store of the Art Gallery of Ballarat. Acquired by the gallery through a benefactor’s donation it now awaits “accessioning”, that arcane process of numbering and cataloging that museums do in order to keep track of our history and … More Tipperary Track


For all my friends in the northern hemisphere, here’s a wee burst of Aussie sun for you. Just finished. Lots of light, lots of grass, regrowth bush and a path to walk down. It’s one of the images in my upcoming show paintings of walking which will be held in an old weatherboard school building deep … More Path


After a visit to family in the UK and a whistle-stop visit to Munich and Paris, what image should I put up now? Something bucolic from the Englischer Garten; or something that captures the civilised grandeur of La Ville-Lumière, perhaps? Malheureusement, non. No, instead we have a celebration of the beauty you can find at dusk in the … More Delacombe

Forget me not

I’ve no idea whether Forget-me-nots are native to Australia, but this area of bush was full of them, and very nice they looked too. A real burst of spring colour. It remains to be seen if anyone gets upset by this painting. With European naïvety I made some paintings a few years ago of great drifts of purple … More Forget me not