Back Yard Boogaloo

I loved the combination of plants at Lavandula lavender farm which I painted back in 2014. I must do the same thing in my back yard, I thought and, two years later, here we are under the plum tree. I was going to title it “Nigella, Nasturtium, Nasturtium, Rose” after that glowing Singer Sargent painting … More Back Yard Boogaloo

Japanese Garden

It was a damp and overcast late winter day when I sketched this azalea in the Japanese Garden in St. Mawgan in Cornwall. Its flowers held a promise of spring that was a long time coming that year. The painting was made safely back in the warmth of the studio.

Inna Gadda da Vida

Finally, after trawling the archives, I get to put up a new painting. Just completed, it’s a painting of the Swiss-Italian gardens at Lavandula Lavender Farm near Daylesford. Go there and have the share plate. This is from a sketch of their fabulously ornamental vegetable plots: onions and nasturtiums and, hmmm, nigella maybe? Not entirely sure. For … More Inna Gadda da Vida