Sri Lanka sketchbook

Sketches from a visit to Sri Lanka in 2015. All made with Procreate on an iPhone 6 or iPad Pro. I had hoped to do more with them but as the memories recede, other work becomes more compelling so they sit here as a souvenir. Love Lanka. ශ්රී ලංකාවට මෑතක සිට , ගමන්මාර්ග இலங்கைக்கு அண்மையில் … More Sri Lanka sketchbook


After a visit to family in the UK and a whistle-stop visit to Munich and Paris, what image should I put up now? Something bucolic from the Englischer Garten; or something that captures the civilised grandeur of La Ville-Lumière, perhaps? Malheureusement, non. No, instead we have a celebration of the beauty you can find at dusk in the … More Delacombe

Flâneur I

For me, walking is a means of transport as much as anything. I prefer to live at walking speed and look at stuff as I stroll along. Maybe this is more of a European thing as the pavements are pretty much deserted here, while the traffic buzzes and toots and roars beside me. Or maybe … More Flâneur I