Sketch: Grampians Wonderland Range II

Another sketch from hiking in the Grampians. At the top of the hill behind us is the Pinnacles viewpoint, which provides a spectacular view of the Fyan’s Valley and Hall’s Gap. The rocky outcrop is fortified with a splendid set of steel railings to save folks from themselves, so we’ll turn our backs on that and head off-track out on to the tilted slabs and unusual rock formations that make up so much of the ranges here.

Grampians Wonderland Range 2, 2015, 18 x 28 cm
Grampians Wonderland Range 2, 2015, 18 x 28 cm

7 thoughts on “Sketch: Grampians Wonderland Range II

  1. Ha! Yes, I moved to Australia from Scotland where the sun is often more mythical than actual. It took some adjusting to summer temperatures over 100F and sun that burns in a few minutes (the hole in the ozone layer is over Australia and New Zealand). I think perhaps these recent pictures are me working through that adjustment.

    1. Thanks Maria. I don’t know if you have read Color: A Natural History of the Palette by Victoria Finlay but there’s a section on ochres where the author visits an aboriginal art community in Australia. She asks one of the artists, an elder woman, why she never uses pink in her paintings. Was it taboo? Was there some sort of spiritual meaning inherent in the colour? “Cos whitefella buyers don’t like it,” she replied. I think of this line when I find myself splashing on the pink… which is often. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the story Lars. I don’t know that book but I will see if I can get it as it sounds interesting. I like fauve style colours and different coloured skies. Happy painting. Cheers. 😄

  2. I find this soothing and warm~the peach and purples in particular. You create so much feeling out of that terrain.

    1. Glad you find it soothing. Colour’s a fickle thing… I was trying to get a feeling of, would you believe, the harsh light and terrible heat of the mid-day sun. Still, the great thing about failing to achieve what you set out to in a painting is you get to do another one! Yay!

      1. Ahhhh, I see. Remember though, I’m from the Northwest, where gray and browns/beiges rule the rainy terrain. Oranges and purples feeeeeel so soothing because they are hot, dry and soothing to my rain-soaked bones. Lol. ☀️

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