Isle Ornsay

This small sketch is from a biking tour back in 1997. From memory this was the best weather we had in two weeks of cycling. Midsummer in Scotland. I’m standing on the east coast of Skye looking back at the Scottish mainland across Loch Hourn. Big drops of rain find their way into the acrylic, … More Isle Ornsay

Brig o’ Turk

A small painting made in Scotland back┬ájust before I moved to Australia. I loved the way the reflections in the water were brighter than the sky and I felt as though I was floating above the sky, looking down on it. There are a few paintings over the years that I would never sell since┬ámemories … More Brig o’ Turk


I grew up in Fife in Scotland. It’s a region of two halves: in the north, arable farming, golf and a university made famous by recent royals; in the south, the ghosts of coal mining, fishing and ship building. Methil no more, as the Proclaimers remind us. In Margaret Thatcher’s 80’s I worked with kids … More Fife