Isle Ornsay

This small sketch is from a biking tour back in 1997. From memory this was the best weather we had in two weeks of cycling. Midsummer in Scotland.

Isle Ornsay, 1997, acrylic on card, 12 x 20 cm
Isle Ornsay, 1997, acrylic on card, 12 x 20 cm

I’m standing on the east coast of Skye looking back at the Scottish mainland across Loch Hourn. Big drops of rain find their way into the acrylic, midges feast on exposed flesh and hang from my eyelashes. I work quickly and retreat to the relative comfort of my bicycle where I discover, as ligaments and muscles protest, that riding and standing sketching are woefully incompatible activities.

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  1. Thanks Curious Gal, When I’m travelling by foot or bike and making studies to keep it light I carry only crimson, thalo green and white, one brush, and some pieces of card. The colours are all semi-neutral mixes from those three tubes.

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