Honeymoon Bay II

Another painting from the Point Hicks area of Croajingolong National Park. Low tide and unusually calm seas meant I could get along the coast to sketch these huge granite boulders, smoothed by thousands of years of storms and covered in vivid red algae.

Swan Bay II

In Australia lots of folks head to the coast in summer to escape the heat. Given the choice I’d head to the hills, so I’ve set myself a task to explore the coast this summer and see what comes out. Here’s another sketch from Queenscliff looking back across Swan Bay. I like the changing light on … More Swan Bay II

Swan Bay

A small sketch of Swan Bay glimpsed through coastal scrub at Queenscliff in Victoria. There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than a sea breeze and a shade tree.


Another wee gouache sketch from down on the coast. A rock arch, the surviving part of a formation known as London Bridge until it, um, fell down. Just like in the song. Give a rock formation a bad name, eh? Coincidentally this arch features in a recent piece by an artist and blogging mate Dan … More Arch

Isle Ornsay

This small sketch is from a biking tour back in 1997. From memory this was the best weather we had in two weeks of cycling. Midsummer in Scotland. I’m standing on the east coast of Skye looking back at the Scottish mainland across Loch Hourn. Big drops of rain find their way into the acrylic, … More Isle Ornsay

Water, Air and Light

Reef V  2014  acrylic on linen  82 x 82 cm I recently spent some time in Fiji, trekking in the forest and hills, and wandering along the coast. Many of the people I met lived directly from the land and the sea: gardening, hunting, gathering and fishing.