Rock of Ages I

Rock outcrops – tors – are a feature of the landscape in Cornwall, where I used to live, and also here in the Central Highlands of Victoria. The great lumps of granite echo the shapes of their antipodean counterparts but there the similarity ends. While a tor in Cornwall is often reached by a short muddy stroll through lush and … More Rock of Ages I


Before I arrived in Australia I assumed I would go straight to the desert and paint the sort of iconic (to Brits at least) Australian landscape that I had seen in galleries and art books. I assumed I would need a lot of red paint. I settled in Melbourne, then in Ballarat and so far, ten years later, … More Otways


The miners who made their fortune during the gold rush in Victoria were rare. Fortunes were made, right enough, but they were made by mine consortia, general goods suppliers, transport and post companies and, last but not least, saloon owners. When I’m bushwalking and painting out in the Goldfields I think about those miners, mostly … More Gold