WARM project

The WARM project knitted landscape is on semi-permanent display in the foyer of Ballarat Health Services Base Hospital. The final result of a year of knitting workshops across Victoria, as well as contributions from international knitting groups. A huge team effort. My original painting was taken as a basis for a number of knitting patterns … More WARM project

Back Yard Boogaloo

I loved the combination of plants at Lavandula lavender farm which I painted back in 2014. I must do the same thing in my back yard, I thought and, two years later, here we are under the plum tree. I was going to title it “Nigella, Nasturtium, Nasturtium, Rose” after that glowing Singer Sargent painting … More Back Yard Boogaloo

Forget me not

I’ve no idea whether Forget-me-nots are native to Australia, but this area of bush was full of them, and very nice they looked too. A real burst of spring colour. It remains to be seen if anyone gets upset by this painting. With European naïvety I made some paintings a few years ago of great drifts of purple … More Forget me not

Apple Blossom

Still life. Nature Morte. My dad used to paint still lives because they were good for you. Like barley malt or Lane’s Emulsion, a ghastly fish-tasting concoction from New Zealand that was forced down my throat as a child. Ah, happy days. So, stuck in the house still suffering from the lung ailments the emulsion failed to cure and … More Apple Blossom

More Wattle

This time the wattle  is just coming into bloom on Chatauqua Peak near Hall’s Gap in the Grampians. I don’t get so much time to bushwalk at the moment what with jobs and family. When we do manage to get away we usually don’t get to Hall’s Gap until late afternoon, when only enough daylight remains for … More More Wattle