WARM project

The WARM project knitted landscape is on semi-permanent display in the foyer of Ballarat Health Services Base Hospital.

WARM project, 2016, wool on hessian, 280 x 330cm

The final result of a year of knitting workshops across Victoria, as well as contributions from international knitting groups. A huge team effort. My original painting was taken as a basis for a number of knitting patterns created by talented designer Georgie Nicolson who made sure that each individual piece had another purpose beyond the life of the project, so the whole work is made up of fingerless mitts, bracelets, brooches and squares that can be joined together to make blankets. Find out more about the project.

The final piece was assembled over three days by a dedicated team from SEAM, plus a few folks who happened by and couldn’t resist getting stuck in! Below is a time-lapse video of the whole three days. Three days, three shirts.

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