Middle Class Hero 2

The unsung and unseen bearer of so many Monet prints. The supporter of bourgeois purchases across much of the world. How would I be able to impose my personality on an interior space and impress my dinner guests without the picture hook? It deserves a medal, but a grand Soviet-era monumental portrait will have to do. РОДЙНА-МАТЬ ЗОВЕТ! I … More Middle Class Hero 2

From the Vaults V

Back to the 1980’s. A still life set up in my studio in the Meadow Mill building in Dundee, part of the WASPS network of studios throughout Scotland. It was a great working atmosphere and I have very fond memories of that time and those folks… although it was possibly the coldest non-refrigerated building in … More From the Vaults V

Apple Blossom

Still life. Nature Morte. My dad used to paint still lives because they were good for you. Like barley malt or Lane’s Emulsion, a ghastly fish-tasting concoction from New Zealand that was forced down my throat as a child. Ah, happy days. So, stuck in the house still suffering from the lung ailments the emulsion failed to cure and … More Apple Blossom