From the Vaults V

Back to the 1980’s. A still life set up in my studio in the Meadow Mill building in Dundee, part of the WASPS network of studios throughout Scotland. It was a great working atmosphere and I have very fond memories of that time and those folks… although it was possibly the coldest non-refrigerated building in the world.

Paradise Lost, 1989, oil on masonite, 150 x 80 cm
Paradise Lost, 1992, oil on masonite, 150 x 80 cm

Once again the quality of the photo is terrible: a hand-held SLR, available light, and a slide film scanned at low resolution. What was I thinking back then?

The image needs no real explanation on account of being unbearably trite. This was the final work in that series.

“Put the black paint down and step away from the easel, sir”.

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