From the Vaults V

Back to the 1980’s. A still life set up in my studio in the Meadow Mill building in Dundee, part of the WASPS network of studios throughout Scotland. It was a great working atmosphere and I have very fond memories of that time and those folks… although it was possibly the coldest non-refrigerated building in … More From the Vaults V

From the Vaults IV

Uh oh, more 80’s stuff. This one was kicked of by a Vladimir Nabokov short story about fear and how we deal with it. From memory the narrator doesn’t deal with it too well. The piece is once again a slightly surreal mixture of still-life elements in an imagined environment. Imagery here includes chattering clockwork teeth … More From the Vaults IV

From the Vaults III

This one was shown in New York as part of the Scotch in the Apple exhibition organised by the Vaughan Gallery in 1992. More Imagist shenanigans here. A fish that will swallow anything, lots of paper cut-out figures, the ticker-tape parade, sinister gloved hands, a cartoon laughing mouth on a stick and so on. The dots … More From the Vaults III

From the Vaults II

Uh oh, more old stuff. I think this might be the last painting I made in this vein. Not only Caravaggio’s chiaroscuro, but a whole sleeve pinched from his Supper at Emmaus. It’s a homage of sorts to Joseph Wright of Derby and to the movie Robocop wherein a similar family pastime is advertised. Post-modern? I … More From the Vaults II

From the Vaults I

Here we go then. In the quest for complete honesty and full disclosure, here is a painting from art school. I was 21 when I painted it back in 1985. This was part of my honours show at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee. It was probably my most successful work from that year, … More From the Vaults I