From the Vaults III

This one was shown in New York as part of the Scotch in the Apple exhibition organised by the Vaughan Gallery in 1992. More Imagist shenanigans here. A fish that will swallow anything, lots of paper cut-out figures, the ticker-tape parade, sinister gloved hands, a cartoon laughing mouth on a stick and so on. The dots on the fish glowed in the dark. How cool was that?!

Election Day, 1989, oil and gold leaf on masonite, 210 x 210 cm approx
Election Day, 1989, oil, luminous paint and gold leaf on masonite, 210 x 210 cm approx

You can just see one of the hinges in the bottom left corner. The whole thing folded up sort of retable-style, and the back/outside of the piece had some text describing the habits of fish that live in murky, low-light conditions. It weighed a ton. Goodness knows how much it cost to ship to the US. It was sold in New York. I wonder where it is now.

Maybe I should have saved this post for September 18?

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