Moon Road

It’s amazing how often this corner of Australia conjures environments that I didn’t expect despite all my European perspective tourist-guide-book research. And then, occasionally, it looks just like my imagined Australia: dry dirt roads, endless clear sky, dust and a landscape punctuated by mysterious agricultural structures.

Moon Road, 2014, acrylic on linen, 62 x 102 cm
Moon Road, 2014, acrylic on linen, 62 x 102 cm

Some paintings seem to flow effortlessly while others, like this one, are a right struggle. Witness the layers of paint and redrawing. I’ve been at this one on and off for a year. A big breakthrough came last week when I found my original sketch which I had carefully filed on the studio floor. I used it to draw back into the painting. The colours do what I wanted them to do so I think it’s finished now.

4 thoughts on “Moon Road

  1. Ah yes, the uncertainty of… is it finished? I’d say yes. And that moon is in just the right spot too — it keeps you looking… and looking. I love everything about this.

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