Dawn (Those Who Go)

Sunrise in the bush. Early morning cool before the sun climbs higher and bleaches everything. This is my favourite time of day. Full of potential. Don’t you just want to walk out into that forest? The title is a reference to a set of paintings by Umberto Boccioni called States of Mind. Like most of the … More Dawn (Those Who Go)


After a visit to family in the UK and a whistle-stop visit to Munich and Paris, what image should I put up now? Something bucolic from the Englischer Garten; or something that captures the civilised grandeur of La Ville-Lumière, perhaps? Malheureusement, non. No, instead we have a celebration of the beauty you can find at dusk in the … More Delacombe

Creek Walking I

Did I mention I enjoy walking? Maybe once or twice? Urban walking, bush walking, mountain trekking, reef walking and, as pictured below, creek walking. I’m not sure creek walking is a thing, but I do enjoy getting down into a creek for a bit of a scramble. My favourite is probably the Torrent de Pareis in Mallorca, although I’m … More Creek Walking I

Moon Road

It’s amazing how often this corner of Australia conjures environments that I didn’t expect despite all my European perspective tourist-guide-book research. And then, occasionally, it looks just like my imagined Australia: dry dirt roads, endless clear sky, dust and a landscape punctuated by mysterious agricultural structures. Some paintings seem to flow effortlessly while others, like this one, are … More Moon Road