Creek Walking I

Did I mention I enjoy walking? Maybe once or twice? Urban walking, bush walking, mountain trekking, reef walking and, as pictured below, creek walking. I’m not sure creek walking is a thing, but I do enjoy getting down into a creek for a bit of a scramble. My favourite is probably the Torrent de Pareis in Mallorca, although I’m not sure I could do it now. 50 year old hips are not the same as 30 year old hips and falls seem to hurt more as we get older. Is that my imagination?

Creek Walking I, 2014, acrylic and pen on composition board, 28 x 15 cm
Creek Walking I, 2014, acrylic and pen on composition board, 28 x 15 cm

My photography tutor at art school, Joseph MacKenzie, maintained that the best photos were often taken when the photographer was in a position of discomfort or fear. Not sure if this holds true for sketching, but it’s an interesting theory. This creek is in the Grampians, and is nameless on my map. It was a wet day and the rocks were slippery. Well, some were slippery, and some weren’t. Which is arguably worse.

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  1. I really like the colors in these 2 creek pieces. And continue to be stunned at your expertise at capturing everything you paint~your range seems endless. I love the fact that you’re out walking all the time, and painting Australia for us all. I’ve never been, but am experiencing it through your lense. Please don’t fall down 🙂

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