Moon Road

It’s amazing how often this corner of Australia conjures environments that I didn’t expect despite all my European perspective tourist-guide-book research. And then, occasionally, it looks just like my imagined Australia: dry dirt roads, endless clear sky, dust and a landscape punctuated by mysterious agricultural structures. Some paintings seem to flow effortlessly while others, like this one, are … More Moon Road

Apple Blossom

Still life. Nature Morte. My dad used to paint still lives because they were good for you. Like barley malt or Lane’s Emulsion, a ghastly fish-tasting concoction from New Zealand that was forced down my throat as a child. Ah, happy days. So, stuck in the house still suffering from the lung ailments the emulsion failed to cure and … More Apple Blossom

Flâneur I

For me, walking is a means of transport as much as anything. I prefer to live at walking speed and look at stuff as I stroll along. Maybe this is more of a European thing as the pavements are pretty much deserted here, while the traffic buzzes and toots and roars beside me. Or maybe … More Flâneur I

Near Smeaton

As evidenced by this painting, there isn’t an awful lot near Smeaton, a small town north of Ballarat. I make a lot of “busy” paintings, probably because visually there’s a lot going on in the forest. It’s complicated and messy. Trees stick out at odd angles. Stuff falls over. The whole place looks like an … More Near Smeaton