Drawing Together at the Raglan Hotel

Apologies to everyone who has made comments to posts over the last couple of months. I will respond soon. Right now I’m involved in a group show in rooms at the old Raglan Hotel in Daylesford.

Raglan Hotel, Daylesford, last night
Raglan Hotel, Daylesford, last night

As you can see, the opening was “going off” Daylesford-style. Actually, the rooms were jam-packed with folks so I was taking some fresh air when I shot this. The dog belongs to the gallery. Or was it the other was round?

Other folks in the exhibition:

Robert Allan
Jessica Danko
Debbie Lloyd
Paul Mason
Vikki Nash
Pauline O’Shannessy-Dowling (pod)
Anne Saunders
Doug Wright

The show runs all weekend, and there’ll be a closing drink or two from 2-5pm on Sunday 30th November. Be there.

The Raglan Hotel in a postcard from 1911
The Raglan Hotel in a postcard from 1911

A wee note for non-Australians, the word “hotel” often means “pub” or “bar” with no hint of accommodation. The reason for this dates back to the late 19th Century when, thanks to lobbying by temperance groups, licenses only allowed pubs to provide alcohol to travelling public. Presumably because travelling is hot thirsty work. The answer was to have a few rooms upstairs or out the back (probably never used). This gave the impression that the rules were being followed and everyone was happy.

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