From the North Sea to the Irish Sea

A walk across the North of England – Day 1

Want to join me on a walk across the north of England? I walked this in June/July and made some sketches and paintings for each day. For those Strava-heads who like the stats, you might be disappointed with the coverage here but I do know that it took 16 days, and that we followed the Wainwright route about 75% of the time, with added detours when we were enjoying ourselves. All up we probably walked about 340km but I haven’t bothered to count it all up because I’m not that interested. The journey is the destination, am I right?

We start in Whitby on one of those lowering thundery-but-not-quite-thundery summer evenings. No sign of Dracula that day, but I heard he’d been spotted the day before. Plenty goths though, which was some consolation.

The first image from the trip is a digital sketch from the harbour wall. I’ve neatly avoided including the famous ruined abbey, as I’m more interested in the distant hill that we’ll be climbing tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will clear.

Whitby harbour in the evening

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