Yorkshire Dales 2019

Proper Dales weather in these sketches. Why is everything so green? Constant watering. I love this landscape though. Not least because there are pubs full of wonderful English beer seemingly situated exactly at the points a tired walker might need them. I think, too, that this landscape almost looks better in the wet. The rain … More Yorkshire Dales 2019

Japanese Garden

It was a damp and overcast late winter day when I sketched this azalea in the Japanese Garden in St. Mawgan in Cornwall. Its flowers held a promise of spring that was a long time coming that year. The painting was made safely back in the warmth of the studio.


For a few busy years I divided my time between Cornwall and Australia. Arriving in either the ubiquitous green of Cornwall or the “sunburnt country” of Australia always caused a sensory overload until my eyes reset to the prevailing palette. This painting, one of the largest I had made at the time, is typical of the Cornwall paintings of … More Tomperrow

The first painting

Although I went through art school between 1981 and 1985, I don’t consider anything I made before this painting to be really “me”. Art school was great, don’t get me wrong. It was four years of hanging out with other folks and making art. And drinking beer. What’s not to like? The thing is, the … More The first painting