From Shap to Brotherswater

A walk across the North of England – Day 11

An early start for us as we have a long walk into the Lake District today along Haweswater and up over Kidsty Pike and High Street. We’ve become quite adept at leaving pubs by their fire escape at dawn. We get rainbows ahead of us as we walk quiet lanes towards Haweswater. Navigation proves straightforward as the old concrete road (marked on the OS map as The Old Concrete Road, should you be in doubt) arrows towards the eastern end of the reservoir.

The track along Haweswater has been described by some as “boring”. It’s not but, for those who think it’s boring, I’ll trot out a piece of zen wisdom: if you look at something for two seconds and find it boring, look at it for four. If it’s still boring, look at it for eight. Still boring? Look at it for sixteen. Keep doing this until it stops being boring.

I read somewhere about “granularity of attention” but that all seems a little too marketing-speak for me. It’s just about noticing stuff.

Looking down on Brotherswater
Looking Down on Brotherswater, 2022, acrylic on cradled birch, 20 x 24 cm (8″ x 10″) visit the gallery

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