In 2011 the Law Society of British Columbia brought a discipline hearing against an unnamed lawyer for referring to another lawyer’s client as living with an odalisque. The Law Society found the use of the word, though an extremely poor choice, did not rise to the level of professional misconduct. (Wikipedia) This is a drawing … More Odalisque

Diaspora 3 (did you pack this yourself, sir?)

Developing my meditations on the theme of displacement, art history, and my reluctant obsession with the metaphors inherent in objects. Initial drawings with Sharpie pens on discarded packing material are photographed and then combined with other elements in Photoshop and Illustrator. Several years ago I had a conversation with artist, humanist and human-rights activist Bill Kelly about print-making. He considered … More Diaspora 3 (did you pack this yourself, sir?)

Tipperary Track

Last week I was surprised and delighted to find one of my paintings sitting in the basement store of the Art Gallery of Ballarat. Acquired by the gallery through a benefactor’s donation it now awaits “accessioning”, that arcane process of numbering and cataloging that museums do in order to keep track of our history and … More Tipperary Track

Sketch: Red Knob

The final piece to go into the paintings of walking exhibition. A wee sketch of the Red Knob gold mining area close to Fryerstown. And now it’s all picture rings, wire and lists until the show opens on the 22nd.